October 23, 2019 Peter Bakker

The birth of IMMediate – October 2019

Following the March 2018 launch of IMMedia Content by Peter Bakker and Richard Jones, our two founders quickly identified the need to develop their own proprietary content platform to ensure profitability and scale-ability for the business as a whole.

IMMedia Content‘s unique operational model is founded on experience and expertise in outsourcing content production through a global network of qualified, independent contributors. The need to streamline operations and workflow formed an ideal setting for the creation of IMMediate: our easy-to-use, customised content management platform equipped with direct contributor, editorial and client access. Allowing (restricted) access onto the cloud based platform for all assigned parties for each project provides a smooth, seamless, transparent, and measurable flow of the overall content development and measurement process.

IMMediate is a multi-language, multi-access product that brings together these sources under one platform:

  1. IMMedia Content’s global Contributor network (writers – designers photographers – videographers – etc)
  2. IMMedia Content’s in-house Editorial team (editors and sub-editors)
  3. Third party agencies (if required by the client)
  4. Client base

With an open API, IMMediate also has the capacity to upload content directly onto third-party websites and/or social media channels to provide instantaneous, real-time analytics and measurement on the performance of those content assets. Although these features are not unique to an off-the-shelf content management platform, IMMediate’s user interface and ease of navigation provides IMMediate customers with a superior experience.

Hosted by Amazon Web Service (AWS), the differentiator that sets IMMediate ahead is the platform’s predictive content engine, built to predict content trends by industry/market and/or target audience. The AI- and ML-driven identifier allows users to see global content trends well before they become mainstream content topics, providing a first-to-market content stance for our clients and users. This new-age technology, combined with a seamless content management system, will revolutionise the content marketing world and provide audiences with more appropriate content at the right time.

For more information please visit: immediacontentcom

Or contact: Peter Bakker (E: peterbakker@immediacontent.com), Richard Jones (E: richardjones@immediacontent.com)

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