Singtel myBusiness

By using the power of storytelling to create case studies in a new way, a SaaS company in Singapore was able to reach new SME clients.


Singtel myBusiness is a one-stop shop in Singapore for all the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) needs of SMEs. With myBusiness, Singtel aims to enable small businesses in the country to transform and enhance their growth capabilities by simplifying their ICT adoption journey, facilitating collaboration, and delivering business advantages through SaaS solutions, all while managing rising operational costs to stay competitive.

Immedia Content created a range of content for myBusiness, from case studies to whitepapers.

Case Studies

Immedia Content created a number of case studies for myBusiness as part of the client’s “Do Different” series. This collection of stories is a unique peek into the challenges and concerns of SMEs in Singapore, and shines a light on how, with the help of the right technology, these businesses are able to reinvent themselves and achieve great heights.

These inspiring stories were well received both within the organization as well as externally, placing Singtel squarely on the map as the go-to SaaS platform for all SME needs.


Remember that massive data breach at Facebook which resulted in 29 million users’ data being leaked? Right around that time in 2018, when cybersecurity concerns were reaching all-time highs, Immedia Content created a timely, in-depth eBook on the subject for myBusiness.

Packed with research, an exhaustive list of potential cybersecurity threats and ways to tackle them, the eBook was considered an industry-leading piece of content.

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