Hilton APAC

By combining the reach of our global network of contributors with our AI/ML-driven platform we created high-quality, localized content across four of Hilton’s key APAC markets.


As Hilton’s APAC content partner, Immedia Content was asked to create engaging destination content for Australia, Japan, Thailand, and India. Our editors managed the creation of 50+ content assets per month. The content spanned across multiple formats (video, blogs, features, photography, animation) and languages. Thanks to our global reach of contributors we were able to manage the complexities of this project with ease.

The first step was to take a data-driven, audience-centric approach to the “Hilton Destination” content strategy using Contrend. We then localized the strategy across each market and used Contrend to create country-specific content calendars. Lastly, our editorial team identified the best person to deliver each brief and we executed the project.

The result was high-quality content that took Hilton’s destination content to the next level. The improved content was a big draw for visitors to Hilton’s websites across Asia. Hilton was also able to increase engagement as well as learn insights about their competitors and audiences along the way.


Contrend’s AI/ML-tech harvested and analyzed content created by Hilton, competitor hotels, and that consumed in the wider landscape (non-hotel content).

Analytics reports produced by Contrend showed content performance and engagement across strategic pillars, personas, and formats. Over and under-performing content was identified and quickly amplified or optimized to maximize performance.

Automated reports with optimization recommendations were sent to Hilton teams across APAC showing analysis against content and budget KPIs. Teams were able to contact colleagues in other markers to request repurposing or transcreation of over-performing content for use in their market.

Client Satisfaction

“Partnering with Immedia across the region has delivered many benefits for our team, and has created some outstanding content for our audience to enjoy.

Contrend has allowed us to bring our geographically disparate team together, enabling us to better share ideas and learnings. In turn, this has helped make us a more efficient, productive and stronger marketing team.

New analytics, such as the “Hilton EI,” have given us valuable insights into our competitors and audiences, allowing us to create new topics and angles, and take our destination content out of the norm and to the next level. As a result, Hilton’s Ei has increased by an average of 37% versus our competitive set.”

 – Regional Director, Destination Marketing (APAC)

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