April 7, 2020 Peter Bakker


Despite the recent uncertainties – at IMMedia Content we have developed something new and unique that can help you improve the effectiveness of your global Content Marketing efforts. We see these ‘misty’ times as an opportunity to Maintain, Improve, Scale and Transit (MIST) our business.

Amongst the constant scenes of fear and Armageddon, we are proud to have launched the most innovative Content operating platform to date.

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Inside every problem lies an opportunity. IMMediate can help you identify these opportunities and grow your engagement during these difficult times. 
IMMediate is a proprietary SaaS platform that IMMedia Content is developing to help marketers create the best content possible. Our platform will facilitate your content marketing journey by analysing large, complex data sets around your audience needs, assessing content performance and audience engagement, and identifying themes and content formats that should be used in the future. The platform will also function as an efficient and streamlined content workflow management system.

With an open API it also has the capacity to up-load content directly onto third party websites and or social media channels and provide instantaneous (real-time) analytics and measurement on the performance of those content assets.

Although these features are not unique to an off-the-shelf Content Management Platform, the user interface and ease of navigation provides IMMediate consumers with a superior experience. However the real differentiator which has been developed in partnership with AWS, is the platform’s predictive content engine that is built to predict content trends by industry/market and/or target audience.

The AI and ML driven identifier will allow users to see global content trends well before they become mainstream content topics and provide a first to market content stance for our clients and users.  This new age technology combined with a seamless content management system will revolutionise the content marketing world and provide audiences with more appropriate content at the “right” time.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass it is about learning to dance in the rain”(*)

For more information please visit: https://www.immediate-platform.com/

Or contact:
Peter Bakker (E: peterbakker@immediacontent.com)
Richard Jones (E: richardjones@immediacontent.com)

(*) Vivian Greene