IMMediate Platform

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IMMediate is a proprietary SaaS platform that IMMedia Content is developing to help marketers create the best content possible. Our platform will facilitate your content marketing journey by analysing large, complex data sets around your audience needs, assessing content performance and audience engagement, and identifying themes and content formats that should be used in the future. The platform will also function as an efficient and streamlined content workflow management system.

An end-to-end solution for Content Marketers

Benefits to our clients and partners:

  • Real-time visibility over market trends, content performance, and competitor activities, allowing clients to be first-to-market with effective and relevant content
  • Data-led ideation to ensure that content is customer-focused and aligned with their needs, driving increased audience engagement, loyalty, leads, conversion and advocacy
  • Improved workflow management leading to better productivity and efficiency across strategy, ideation, and content creation
  • Real-time KPI reporting to continually optimise content creation and identify the best content for further amplification
  • Actionable recommendations to differentiate your content and stand out from online clutter

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Read about how Geraint Holliman, a global leader in the field of content marketing, believes the IMMediate Platform will transform the way we create and manage content.

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