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IMMediate Platform: a practitioner’s perspective By Geraint Holliman.

The challenge that marketers have.

Marketing as a function is being tasked with becoming more business literate, relevant to the goals of the CEO and to speak the language of finance.

At the same time marketers are being required to delivering more, of a higher quality and quicker, but with less resources.

Marketing Directors are now having to systematise their teams’ efforts with the adoption of more rigorous processes and automation of effort to raise their levels of professionalism to those of other key functions in their business.

Consequently, many Marketing leaders are finding themselves in a position whereby they are now expected to be not only the owner of customer success but, also, they must be process engineers and have deep technology expertise too.

Where content marketing is going.

Content marketing as a discipline is becoming ever more appreciated and recognised. Marketing leaders are diverting increasing proportions of their resources into content.  Adoption rates are accelerating and brands the world over are generating genuinely significant and attributable results from content-driven marketing.

To support this growth, Marketing leaders are seeking technology solutions that are closely aligned to the processes of content marketing and the commercial needs of business.

Content marketing technologies.

Current technology solutions have mostly been driven from specific task-based platforms that address individual challenges but not the entire content marketing process. Some enterprise grade solutions have addressed the overarching process but at an investment level that is prohibitive for all but the largest brands, or they require a commitment to a platform specific approach.  

At the bottom end of the spectrum, function-specific solutions (e.g. social media scheduling or creating content calendars) are being adopted by smaller brands, but they lack the holistic approach that effective content marketing requires.

The opportunity for the IMMediate platform.

IMMediate will be a flexible, scalable SaaS platform that addresses the key components of content marketing: scheduling, workflow, publishing, talent management and analytics. Addressing the entire content marketing process whilst permitting modular adoption will help mid-sized brands that want the holistic approach but scalable commitment.

With the addition of proprietary predictive capabilities through AI and ML technology, the capabilities of the IMMediate platform will create a unique and valuable proposition within the content marketing landscape in Asia and across the globe.

About Geraint Holliman

Geraint is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with extensive international experience across APAC, the US, Europe, and the Middle-East. He has been a marketing trainer for over 15 years, specialising in branding, strategy and content marketing.

A regular blogger and speaker at events around the world and lecturer at Universities, Geraint has developed content marketing strategies for some of the biggest brands including Thorn-EMI, Walmart and Unisource, plus agencies such as JWT, Leo Burnett and Grey. He is the author of one of the first academic papers published about content marketing: “B2B Digital Content Marketing: Marketers’ Perceptions of Best Practice”.

Geraint also leads IMMedia’s Strategy team and regularly visits the APAC region to meet our clients and speak at industry events. Geraint plays a key part in the development and evolution of the IMMediate Platform.

The IMMediate Platform: enjoy data-led ideation, improved efficiency of content creation, and stay one-step ahead through real-time visibility over content performance, competitor activities and market trends.

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