February 23, 2022 Peter Bakker

Immedia Holdings Opens U.S. Headquarters in California

22 FEBRUARY 2022, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: As part of its international expansion strategy, Immedia Holdings Inc. announced the opening of its U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, California. Peter Bakker, CEO and Partner, will head the U.S. office of Immedia Holdings which owns international content marketing agency, Immedia Content, and award-winning content marketing technology platform, Contrend. This announcement follows the company’s appointment of Sarah Gottshall as the U.S. Business Development Manager. In addition to hiring increases, the new office location will help Immedia Holdings continue to scale its enterprise customer base and support its growing partnership network.

The rapid growth and expansion into the U.S. and Europe comes as demand for Contrend’s revolutionary content platform continues to accelerate internationally. Contrend continues to be validated by its ever-expanding global client base and its superior, continually upgraded technological infrastructure. On top of the more than 20 data sources the platform can already analyze, Contrend’s data harvest capabilities are currently being developed to include podcasts and other audio files, NFTs, DAO, crypto, the Metaverse and more.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be here, in San Francisco – the tech capital of the world – with our unique proposition,” said Peter. “Contrend is another glowing example of groundbreaking MarTech that truly represents the content industry’s eagerness and willingness to innovate.”

Since the official launch of Contrend, the company has already acquired a multitude of global clients, notably including KPMG, DBS, Schneider Electric, and many more.

Chief Technology Officer Richard Jones added: “As we propel our entire company into its next level of operations, we welcome these global expansions, which will continue to boost our innovative footprint and streamline our operations. Contrend has already proven essential in these next steps by providing us with the tools to materialize our own evolution.”

About Immedia Holdings

Immedia Holdings, which operates globally, is the parent company of wholly owned subsidiaries Immedia Content and Contrend.

Launched less than four years ago, Immedia Content quickly established itself as one of Asia-Pacific’s leading digital content marketing agencies. Immedia plans, creates, and distributes high-quality editorial content for websites, blogs, newsletters, social media platforms, and more.

With an impressive revenue growth over the past year, an ever-growing roster of blue-chip clients, expansions into Australia, Europe, Africa and the U.S., the company’s continued ability to attract the best digital and content marketing talent in the world, makes Immedia one of the most experienced, dynamic and trusted content marketing partners.

Contrend is a proprietary SaaS platform Immedia Content is developing to help marketers create the best data-driven content possible. Our platform facilitates our clients’ content marketing journeys by analyzing large, complex data sets around target audience needs; assessing true content performance and audience engagement; and identifying content topics, tones, and formats that will produce the highest ROIs. In the next stage of development, the platform will also function as an efficient and streamlined content workflow management system.


For more information, please contact:

Peter Bakker
CEO & Partner
E: peterbakker@immediacontent.com
T: +1 (650) 732 1764 (U.S.)
+65 9757 3729 (Singapore)
+61 (04) 7884 4966 (Australia)

This article first appeared on the Contrend blog.