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Over the years, many clients and potential clients have asked us about our unique selling point – what sets IMMedia Content apart from other content marketing agencies. Our answer? We work harder at and take pride in being at the forefront of our industry.

With a knack for forward thinking as well as MarTech-driven leadership at our helm, we have developed our own revolutionary content management software: IMMediate. With the principles of content marketing now fully immersed in the marketing industry, the novelty factor has been rapidly fading. Marketers should view content marketing inertia as a real threat to an already-volatile industry that historically has an unwillingness to stray outside its comfort zone despite acknowledged deficiencies.

Not surprisingly, in a recent survey conducted by Forrester in January 2020 among marketers worldwide, a healthy 48% of respondents claimed “insufficient resources as a barrier to implementing successful (new)
programs”. Similarly, 48% claimed they had “talent issues”, and 35% cited “a gap between current and desired capabilities”. And these are not the only challenges facing marketers in 2020.

According to another recent study by Brandwatch:
• 55% don’t have the right data
• 38% don’t understand what kinds of research can help them
• 32% don’t have the right technology.

Marketers no longer have the luxury of hiding behind the conventional – they need to embrace new technology that challenges the principles of traditional marketing and enables them to work more effectively and efficiently. Our content platform, IMMediate, empowers marketers to be more efficient, effective and well ahead of their competitors.

IMMediate is a proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that IMMedia Content has developed to help marketers create the best possible content. Our platform facilitates your content marketing journey by analysing large, complex datasets around your audience needs; assessing content performance and audience engagement; and identifying themes and content formats that you should use in the future. The platform also functions as a robust and streamlined content workflow management system.

Our aim is to realise and deliver the full potential of content marketing through the innovative use of predictive technology and to provide universal access to world-class content creators across multiple markets, industries and languages to help drive customer growth and productivity

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