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Richard Jones, CTO, Contrend, Talks with Singapore’s Money Fm 89.3 About the AI- and ML-Driven Martech Platform

Launched on 21 July 2021, Contrend helps businesses improve their content marketing campaigns. 

9 SEPTEMBER 2021, SINGAPORE/MELBOURNE: On Sunday, 29 August, Contrend CTO, Richard Jones, chatted with Elliott Danker on Money FM 89.3’s morning show, The Breakfast Huddle, about how Contrend can revolutionize the content marketing industry. Launched in July 2021 by Singapore- and Australia-based content marketing agency Immedia Content, Contrend gathers and analyzes readily available public data, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to accurately identify true audience engagement, compare insights, and predict future content trends.

“The big issue is there’s so much more digital content being published today. Every business is pushing content through their websites and other marketing channels,” said Jones. “So we’re constantly looking for the best ways to resonate with audiences. And that means really understanding the topics, styles and different types of content that people are interested in. With Contrend you can make proactive, data-lead decisions that are a lot more inline with your audience.” 

One important note is that the proprietary content insights platform isn’t dependent on third-party cookies to gather data. This key security element means Contrend doesn’t track any individual’s online activity. Instead, the platform gathers data by analyzing content from public data sources, including search, social, audio, and mobile. And, Contrend can analyze over 3 million pieces of content per day from any language, country, and market.

“A lot of content marketing is heavily focused on industry-specific social media and keywords. If that’s the only data you use to create content, all you’ll be doing is going around in circles. You’ll miss the interests and affinities of 90% of your audience,” said Jones. “We wanted to revolutionize content marketing to help businesses start being more aware of the wider audience and content landscape, instead of only focusing on their own brand and competitors.”

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About Immedia Holdings

Immedia Holdings is the parent company of wholly owned subsidiaries Immedia Content and Contrend and operates globally.

About Immedia Content

Pioneers of the content industry, Immedia Content brings a wealth of international content and strategy experience. With insights from the Contrend platform and the expertise of a global network of specialists, Immedia Content redefines the benchmark for the content marketing industry, delivering outsized results to clients and partners.

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About Contrend

Originally known as “Immediate Platform,” Contrend is an AI- and ML-powered content platform that analyzes engagement, predicts trends and simplifies production. Unprecedented levels of automation and unassisted learning provide extremely deep insights. Features include:

  • One of the industry’s most diverse pools of content data: Contrend goes beyond standard insights into text-based content thanks to its NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities with audio, image and video formats.
  • New ways for users to interrogate content data: For instance, users can search topic, style and format preferences instead of queries around predictable keywords, like brand names.
  • Image recognition and computer vision: Ground-breaking image recognition and computer vision technology identifies content trends across text, video, audio and images. An industry first, this identifies trends with technology never before deployed in the content marketing world.
  • Individualized insights from a relevant content landscape: Every user is given a secure URL to pull insights from Contrend’s content landscape. An individualized index informs relevant and actionable content insights and makes trend predictions. This is made possible through Contrend’s own data lake formulation – the first offering of its kind in APAC.
  • Ability to cross-reference with company data: Organizations do not need to integrate their systems but have the option of cross-referencing industry insights against their own in-house primary data or website analytic tools.
  • Privacy: Contrend does not use any third-party cookies or tracking for its engagement insights.

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