About Us

Content creators. Data crusaders.

Our Approach

We believe in content’s power to inform, to convince, to entertain, to heal. And we believe that audiences want to interact with your brand’s messages. They want to click on your irresistible posts. Watch your enthralling videos. Learn from your enlightening stories.

But not all content is engaging. And not all agencies care about your KPIs. That’s why we also believe in the power of data to target, to personalize and to drive every aspect of your digital strategy.

When built atop a data-rich foundation – such as our Contrend platform – content is your most effective marketing tool. By combining customer-centric insights with a network of expert, specialized creators around the globe, Immedia Content helps leading brands boost their metrics and enchant their audiences.


Co-founded in 2018 by Peter Bakker and Richard Jones, Immedia Content provides universal access to world-class content creators across multiple markets, industries, and languages to help drive customer growth and productivity.

Our strategy, editorial, and content specialists around the world create diverse formats of content that exceed industry standards and champion the brands we work for. Supported by our network of over 1,500 multi-language, expert contributors, we understand diverse audiences and the best ways to engage with them.


Our Team


Our Network

Our team of contributors includes esteemed writers, designers, strategists, thinkers, videographers, illustrators, animators, editors, voice actors, programmers and more. We use specialists who are well versed in the nuances of your industry, and who are up to date on the latest trends in your market.

If you’d like to join our network, please contact us.


At Immedia Content, technology meets content development. Here, we believe human input is an essential, irreplaceable ingredient in content creation. And, just like our tech, our editorial team and global network of specialists is dynamic, agile, inclusive, and collaborative.

With operations in Asia, Europe, the US and Africa, we’re always looking for smart, creative content and tech experts to help us increase our influence and impact in the world of digital marketing.